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With over 14 years experience in the natural supplement and vitamin health industry, Diane Mackay welcomes everyone to her Natural Health Store. The products you will see at Diane’s Natural Health Store are a result of extensive research, listening and working with our customers about their natural health needs.


Product Selection

You will find an excellent selection of top quality supplements, vitamins, body care products and comprehensive information for the whole family, including top brands you know and trust!.

Highest Quality

Our customers can be assured our products are selected to meet with our highest quality standards.  If you need a product and you don't see it in our store, or perhaps you're not what what product is best suited for your needs, talk to us and we'll do everything we can to help.


Trusted Service & Commitment

Our commitment is to our customers, our community and to being a quality natural health store.


My interest in the natural health industry started when my four children were very young, nearly 20 years ago. I first entered the natural health industry as a retail store employee at a natural health store, where I discovered information through material written by a well known and respected expert in natural nutrition, Udo Erasmus. Listening to his CD entitled “Grass Roots Solutions” sparked a passion in me to learn more about natural health and nutrition, a deep passion which has stayed with me to this day. Over the past 14 years I have had the opportunity to meet him several times and learning from him has been one of the major highlights in my life and in my career.

I have had many wonderful opportunities over the years to learn and access information from some of the top leaders in the natural health products industry by attending seminars, lectures and product trade fairs. My passion for learning in this field has provided a foundation for me to move forward and open Diane’s Natural Health Store.

Having my own natural health business enables me to share my knowledge and support with others and help them make healthy choices and lifestyle changes through information and quality natural health products. I am very blessed to be able to go to work each day and do something that makes me feel so happy inside.

Over the years I have built trusting relationships with many customers who have also shown me such heartfelt kindness and genuine gratitude which means more to me than anything. This incredible trust, support and encouragement has been the strength that led me to the decision to open Diane’s Natural Health Store and and let’s me know this is definitely the right path for me.

I look forward to offering all my friends, family and customers new and old, a pleasant and comfortable experience when they visit the new store and I thank you all for your amazing support.

Yours in health,

Diane Mackay

Diane Mackay